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"We're better than they are" open thread: Arizona (48-52) at Milwaukee (48-51)

It's Ben Sheets (5-7, 3.51) vs. Chris Capuano's buddy Mike Gosling (0-2, 4.50).  Brandon Webb was a late scratch, and I can't say I'm sorry about that.

As AJ has mentioned before, the Brewers have a nice home/road split for the last 63 games of the season: 38 at Miller Park against just 25 elsewhere.  Given that the Crew is within striking distance of .500 anyway, that's gotta feel good.

And here's a quick quiz (no peeking!).  Who's leading the Brewers in stolen bases?

If that was too easy for you, (again, no checking!) who's one stolen base behind him in 2nd place?

Go Brewers!

Update [2005-7-25 18:41:31 by Jeff]: I just ran the numbers with the Crew's winning percentages at home (about .600) and on the road (about .400). If they keep up those W%s over the remaining 63 games, they'll end exactly 81-81. Not as rosy an outlook as I had hoped, running the numbers imprecisely in my head, but I'd take it.