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Stolen base leaders

I tossed out a couple of trivia questions in yesterday's open thread.  In case you're still wondering, here are the stolen base rankings for the Brewers:

  1. Bill Hall, 12
  2. Carlos Lee, 11
  3. Brady Clark, 8 (out of 18 attempts! ugh.)
  4. Rickie Weeks, 7

Junior Spivey also had 7 before he was traded.

And in other stats-minded news: J.J. Hardy has gotten his OPS up to .632, with 34 RBIs.  Last year?  Craig Counsell had an OPS of .645, with all of 23 RBIs.  (Granted, some of the difference in RBIs is situational, and Hardy has come up a lot with men on base this year.)  

Long story short, J.J.'s last couple of months have been quite solid, and even factoring in his less-than-stellar start, he's starting to look like a viable major league player.