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Mark Rogers interview

Baseball America's Daily Dish chatted with Brewers super-prospect Mark Rogers:

On what he is working on: Right now I am still working on refining everything. I have been very thankful to have (Power pitching coach) John Curtis here to work with. He has worked with me quite a bit on repeating my mechanics and having the same delivery every time with every pitch. The benefit of that is staying in the strike zone more, being more deceptive on each pitch whether it's a fastball, curveball, slider or changeup. The hitter can't tell by where your arm slot is or by the momentum of your delivery, things like that. So, I feel like I have definitely improved on repeating my delivery. The things I'm still working on are getting ahead of the count and my changeup. I mean, I've thrown a lot more this year, it is a work in progress, and it's continuing to get better.

On his pitching style: I always did my own thing as far as mechanically. Growing up, I was always watching Roger Clemens in Boston, New York, and in Toronto because they were always on television. I learned a lot from him of his work ethic and how he has pitched to batters. He has faced the best hitters in the world and is getting them out, so he must be doing something right. Recently I had the chance to watch Josh Beckett when he was in Double-A with the Florida Marlins because he was close to my hometown, about 30 minutes away. He wasn't there very long, but I got to see him pitch a couple of times. The stuff he had was unbelievable at the Double-A level and made hitters look silly. He is a fastball-curveball guy. I enjoyed watching him pitch. I tried to emulate my own mechanics, not necessarily mechanics, but emulate my pitching style after him.