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Game 104 Open Thread: San Francisco (44-57) at Milwaukee (50-53)

It's a battle of the crafty (some craftier than others) southpaws with Kirk Reuter (2-7, 5.73) vs. Doug Davis (9-7, 4.07) coming off of a ridiculous 11 strikeout outing.

I would make a crack now about Reuter's ERA, but I think that's what Hennessey's was going into the game last night, and look what happened there.  Since I'm a bit late putting this up, I can post the lineups, as well:

Omar Vizquel ss  
Edgardo Alfonzo 3b  
Lance Niekro 1b  
Moises Alou rf  
Pedro Feliz lf  
Deivi Cruz 2b  
Marquis Grissom cf  
Mike Matheny c
Kirk Rueter p

Brady Clark cf  
Rickie Weeks 2b  
Lyle Overbay 1b  
Carlos Lee lf  
Geoff Jenkins rf  
Damien Miller c  
Bill Hall 3b  
J.J. Hardy ss  
Doug Davis p