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Open Thread, Game 84, Milwaukee (40-43) at Florida (42-39)

Jenkins, Branyan, and Miller all swung some mighty bats last night leading the Brewers to their 2nd straight victory over Florida.  

I think we're all seeing a glimpse of how good the Brewers are going to be in the future. With some good hitting combined with already rock steady pitching, the Brewers could suprise a few folks in the 2nd half, especially if Geoff Jenkins gets on an extended hot streak.  

I must say I'm impressed with Damian Miller, and impressed with Doug Melvin for getting him.  Miller isn't an All-Star catcher but he's a good solid catcher hitting .275 and is more than the simple upgrade I thought he'd be.  I knew the addition of Carlos Lee was going to be stellar, but Miller is another addition that is making a difference on a Brewers team that I see as improved over last season.

I'm getting the feeling that JJ Hardy is eventually going to be a .270 hitter in MLB.  

Tonight its Ohka (5-4, 3.71) vs Burnett (5-5, 3.18)... Ohka has dropped 8 straight vs the Marlins, but never in a mighty Brewers uniform.  Since A.J. Burnett throws right-handed, more than likely (and hopefully) we'll see Russell the Muscle in his 2nd straight start.  Sure, Russell was a little rusty in the field last night, but he's swingin' a hot bat and you gotta play him