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Open Thread, Game 86, Milwaukee (40-45) at Atlanta (49-37)

Doug Davis (9-7, 4.33) vs Jorge Sosa (4-1, 3.02).

Atlanta might be in 2nd place in their division, 2.5 games back of the Nationals, but they have the 3rd best record in the NL and are on a hot streak, winning their last 5 in a row and 7 of their last 10. This series will be a challenge for the Crew, who fortunately will get to trot out their top 3 pitchers in this series. (Ben Sheets pitches tommorow). All 3 games will be shown on FSN

There weren't alot of highlights from yesterday's game (Bob Uecker's play by play of the incoming rain storm was a hoot though: "this is a deluge, folks, its raining sideways now, I can't believe the Umpires haven't stopped this game... its raining even harder now... if the groundscrew doesn't get this infield covered, its going to be underwater.... oops one of the groundscrew just got knocked sideways by the wind... wow its really coming down... you don't see rain like this in Wisconsin, folks....") but I definitely took notice of Rickie Weeks' home run, his 5th in about 25 games.

I believe Weeks' small sample power ratio of a HR every 5 games or so is legit... if he keeps this up and ends up with 20 HR's on the season, I think he's going to get the Rookie of the Year award...

An important stat to keep in mind as the Brewers work towards their first .500 season after 12 straight losing seasons: 25 of their last 37 games are at home. That bodes well for a team that is 23-16 at home this season.