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Game 119 Open Thread: The Crew Goes to Coors

I'm not one to throw around these types of accusations lightly, but Doug Davis is batting over .150. Could there be banned substances involved?

Just kidding. Really. I know, that was bad taste.'-fifty! This is a guy who went one for sixty-four last year with forty-three strikeouts!

Okay, that was random. Tonight, we've got Ben Sheets (8-8, 3.02) vs. Aaron Cook (0-1, 5.94).

This last homestand was horrifying--the Crew should've gotten at least one from St. Louis, and taken at least two from Cincinnati, but they're still on the fringes of the Wild Card race. None of the front-runners had a great week, so Milwaukee is now tied with the Cubs 6.5 games back. The same caveats apply now as did a week ago: lots of teams to overcome and most of them are pretty solid. But with all those games against the Astros coming up, anything's possible, and a winning streak right now could get the Crew right back into the thick of things.

How 'bout Corey Hart in center? Anybody get a good look at him out there? I'm really curious to here how he managed, as that would be a possible solution to the prospect/star logjam coming up. Instead of relegating Hart to fourth OF duty, maybe he could play CF next year, and the Brewers could get some value in return for Brady Clark, who is probably having a career year right now. That would give Dave Krynzel a year to serve as a 4th OF to get his feet wet, and then in '07, Carlos Lee will get a big contract somewhere else, Hart can slide over to left (or we can trade Hart and bring up Nelson Cruz--lots of if's here), and Krynzel can start in center. Worth thinking about...

I apologize to those of you who were hoping for some win probability charts & statistics this past weekend: I was out of town and didn't have the internet access and time I had hoped for. I, your fearless leader and head-geeky-statfreak, will resume those features with tonight's game.