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Game 120 Recap: We're back in the hunt!

Just kidding. I think. Well, never mind.

Think about this for a second: in the 17 or so games the Crew will play against St. Louis next year, it's within the realm of probability that Doug Davis and Anthony Reyes will start opposite each other, to be relieved by Kane Davis and Al Reyes. Now, if Jose Reyes gets traded to the Brewers and J.J. Davis turns up as the 5th OF for the Cardinals...

Last night: good things abounded. Victor Santos got his first win in too long; Wes Helms continued to make me look like a fool for saying many nasty things about him before the season started, and the middle-relief corps made me proud to be a Nashville Sounds--oops, I mean Milwaukee Brewers--fan. Derrick Turnbow is still doing his best Billy-Koch-before-the-world-figured-out-Billy-Koch-sucked imitation, making every save an adventure in stress mismanagement, but he hasn't blown many, and for a guy making the minimum, that's all we can really ask. (See: Kolb, Danny.)

Here's the win probability chart for last night, happy ending and all:

Here's the contributions of your Milwaukee Brewers:

  • Batting:
  • Weeks, -0.1% ("plus" a -10.0% for his error in the 9th)
  • Hart, -7.9%
  • Overbay, -3.9%
  • Lee, +8.6%
  • Jenkins, +7.6%
  • Hall, +0.7%
  • Helms, +13.5%
  • Miller, -5.7%
  • Santos, -1.0%
  • Magruder, -0.5%
  • Santos, +5.6%
  • Helling, +13.2%
  • de la Rosa, -2.4%
  • Kane Davis, +13.2%
  • Turnbow, +16.6%

I love bullpens on the cheap--but I must admit I love them most when they work out like they did last night from the 6th to 8th innings. Despite the occasional hiccup, Doug Melvin's crew of retreads, rookies, and reclamation projects has been quite the story.

Now, boys, this is Coors Field. Let's put a ten-spot on the board tonight and head off to Houston with some momentum.