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Game 126 Recap: An Offensive Explosion

It's fun to watch the Brewers when those bats come alive.

Brewers Win Expectancy Chart, Game 126
Beckett was in trouble early. Never seemed to have is usual dominating command. Weeks, batting leadoff, worked about a 10 pitch at bat for a walk. Have to love seeing that patience in the young second baseman. In my mind that might have been the AB of the game.

Corey Hart made his fourth out of the game on the third pitch he saw twice stymying potential big innings.

Overbay started the huge 4th inning with a walk. Beckett could not get his 10th out of the game until he faced Capuano, whom was asked to give the out to Beckett, maybe as some sort of gift. That was 5 batters and 4 runs later.

Cappy pitched another gem... wish we coulda saved that outing for another day.

Here are your Offensive Brewer contributors in winning probability added

  • Lee 22%
  • Hall 13%
  • Weeks 9%
  • Jenkins 3%
  • Overbay 2%
  • Hardy 1%
  • Miller 0%
  • Magruder 0%
  • Hart -13%