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Game 129 Open Thread: Atlanta (72-55) at Milwaukee (63-65), 7:05 p.m. CT

Want to see Ben Sheets pitch? Want to see Ben Sheets pitch in a Braves uniform? Tonight's your chance. Big trade this morning... nah, i's joshing yah... It's throwback night at Miller Park. The Brewers will be sporting the uniforms worn by the 1950s Milwaukee Braves.

Do you think "they" do it on purpose? You know, the promotional people. Those wacky PR types that sit around and say, gee, how can we make this job more fun? Twiddling their mad scientist thumbs, affecting the world in the greatest way they can- confusion. Creating a situation ripe for mistakes and lame jokes. Lucky times for Bill Schroeder, he'll be spared the extra exercise of trying to explain which Braves team he is talking about. FSN's taking the night off.

So if you really want to see Sheeter in a Braves uniform, get out to the stadium. And hey, if the turn back the clock night beers are at 1957 prices have three for me and take the bus home.

Horatio Ramirez (10-7, 4.61) vs. Ben Sheets (9-9, 3.44)

When all is said and done who'll have had the better career? Ben Sheets or Warren Spahn?

Let's go Bravewers!