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Game 108 Open Thread: Brewers at Mets

It's Pedro Martinez (12-3, 2.76) vs. Victor Santos (3-11, 4.08). Just remember: Pedro has lost three games this year. And try not to think about the meeting of the K-tastic Crew and K-master Pedro.

Also projected for this evening: appearances by Rick Helling for the Brewers and Dae-Sung Koo for the Mets. After all, just about everybody pitched last night. I'm hoping J.J. will start so I can get a first-hand view of His Slickness. He looked good at short during batting practice (and no, that's not a round-about way of saying he looked bad in the cage during batting practice, just an observation).

I feel like I've been saying this quite a bit lately, but here goes: if the Brewers are going to make it back to .500, this would be a very, very nice game to win.