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Game 108 Recap

I don't have a lot of time for a recap right now, but I can say this: Wow! After last night's cata-Santana-strophe, beating Pedro (well, not exactly, but whatever) feels mighty nice. And again, the offense was firing on all cylinders, with Overbay and Lee leading the way. (Anyway, expecting more than two dingers from Jenkins in two games is a little much.)

Let's go to the win-probability graph:

Santos kept up for a while--even after the second home run, his line was nearly identical to Pedro's. More pitches and, of course, the runs came in a more ignominious fashion, but the numbers that mattered on the scoreboard were the same. On the other hand, Pedro starting being Pedro right about then, churning through the middle of the order right about when other teams seem to remember, "Oh yeah, this is Victor Santos! The Blue Jays and the Rangers released this he like Victor Zambrano or somebody?"

But this time the Crew had one more comeback than the Mets did. Win-probability-added stats from tonight:

  • Offense
  • Clark, -2.8%
  • Weeks, -5.6%
  • Overbay, +27.2%
  • Lee, +26.5%
  • Jenkins, -5.6%
  • Hall, +3.6% (that HR offset a lot of other damage)
  • Miller, +11.4%
  • Hardy, +9.8%
  • Santos, +3.1%
  • Branyan, -5.8%
  • Helms, +3.0% (but, boy, was that a 3% we needed right then!)
  • Durrington, -18.6% (I'm tempted to charge those points to Yost. I mean, sheesh. [sputter] Really. Sheesh.)
  • Santos, -20.1%
  • de la Rosa, +4.2%
  • Helling, +10.6% (I would've liked to see him last night--I know, hindsight is 20/20, but the guy sitting in 155B could tell you I was muttering "why isn't Helling coming in?" from about the 5th inning on.)
  • Turnbow, +8.7% (And, of course, another nerve-racking save...but I'll take it.)

Tomorrow: Davis vs. Benson. I promise pictures, really I do, and maybe it'll be locked up (by the Crew, of course) before all the Long Islanders start heading home in the 7th.