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Rotation Woes

With Sheets gone for the season, Santos struggling enough to get replaced by Helling who struggled himself in a starting role, what do you do? You've got a few days, don't pull your hair out yet. Davis will pitch today and Ohka will probably pitch tomorrow despite being used for one inning of relief on Saturday. Then comes Helling/Santos' spot.

But that's on Thursday, magic Thursday, September first. Rosters expand on September first, which makes it pretty easy to bring somebody up for that spot in the rotation. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves yet. Because then, Friday, September second is Ben Sheets spot in the rotation, what had been a day off for the bullpen.

So, if you consider Helling's spot up in the air, and I'm not sure it is, there are two places in the rotation where something needs to be done. We have the players here today to take care of it. Helling and Santos can slip in to those spots in the rotation very nicely. And if it were two weeks ago that's probably how it would be taken care of.

But is that the best move?

Should Dana Eveland get a crack? He's got great stuff, no doubt about that, but he's been hit 26 times in 19.1 innings. Maybe he needs more work out of the bullpen.

Maybe somebody else? Here's some other names that might get tossed around.

Nashville           IP   H  BB  SO
Glover, Gary      86.0  83  24  68
Obermueller, Wes  41.1  38  12  38
Hendrickson, Ben 149.2 169  55 119
Sarfate, Dennis  130.0 120  59 110

Glover and Obie are both 28. We've seen Obie pitch some great games, and some terrible games. Hendrickson is 24 with a bigger upside than Glover and Obie, but his command hasn't been there consistently, he's given up 55 walks and 169 hits in 150 innings. He needs to get that devastating curveball over for a strike to be effective. Sarfate's SO numbers are impressive and he's kept his walks down from last year. He's 24 too.

Me, I'd like to see the young guys get a chance, Eveland, Hendrickson, Sarfate. But I'd also like to see Obie get another chance. He had two great starts in May which I think show his potential. He's been very good at Nashville too since being sent down.

As for where we are now, I think Santos is fatigued. He fell apart last year, too. I'd work him out of the bullpen. I'd have Helling come out of the bullpen, too. He was good for the first three innings in his last start, but struggled to get out the 4th, and you know what else? Helling is not the future of this franchise.  Having Santos & Helling available for 3 innings out of the bullpen will allow Yost and Melvin to give the young guys a shot.

Should be an interesting week. It's time to decide what they are playing for, I hope they choose next season, and the future.