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Game 133 Open Thread: Pittsburgh (55-77) at Milwaukee (64-68), 1:05 p.m. CT

That above .500 season is slowly slipping away, let's keep an eye on 82 wins shall we? 30 games left, we need to go 18-12 over those thirty games to get 82 wins. Hate to say it but it's looking grim.

But more importantly, let's keep an eye on the Cubs. They beat the Dodgers last night and picked up a full game on the Brewers, drawing them within 1in the standings. They've got the Dodgers again this afternoon.

I've gotten a few dozen shirts made that say "Milwaukee Brewers, better than the Chicago Cubs since 2005." So let's go Brewers, my rag closet is at capacity.

Mark "Brewer Killer" Redman (5-14, 4.83) vs. Tomo Ohka (9-7, 3.91)

Let's Go Brewers!
Let's Go Dodgers!

WINNING SEASON WATCH 30 games, 18 wins