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Dennis Sarfate Promoted

RHP Sarfate was promoted from Huntsville (AA) and will pitch for the Nashville Sounds (AAA) tonight.

The Sounds website has the blurb.

It looks to me like the Sounds have back-to-back doubleheaders tonight and tomorrow followed by a four game series to end the regular season. There is no question an extra arm will be handy for 8 games in 6 days.

There is a very good chance Nashville will win the Pacific Coast League American Conference Northern Division title (there's a mouth full, hereafter referred to as the PCLACND). If they do, they play in the playoffs beginning the second week of September. Road trip to Nashville anyone?

Purchase your tickets here.

If anyone is there, we'd love a report!

Update [2005-9-1 10:11:21 by jacob]: Dennis Sarfate pitched 5 innings last night. 5 Ks, 2 BBs , and 1 H. Very Nice! Unfortunately, one of those walks came around to score, and Sarfate took the loss, as the Sounds lost the game 1-0. They were shut out on both ends of the doubleheader and drop to only 1.5 games ahead of second place Omaha.