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Game 109 Recap

I would like to feel great right now about taking a series from the Mets, getting within a game of .500, and celebrating yet another come-from-behind victory. But--and this might be my butt hurting from sitting at Shea for more than four hours--one thing keeps coming back to me:

The only reason we won this series is because the Mets worked harder to lose it. And they had to work. Just about every Brewer (with the exception of the stellar offensive performers, especially Jenkins) had more than one moment this week in New York where they tried to hand a game directly to the Mets. Nobody could throw strikes, the offense (particularly in game one) flailed away until there weren't enough 'K' cards to go around, and...well, there's Durrington's caught stealing. And the less said about that, the better. (If you disagree, you can chat about it in the diary entry devoted to that topic.)

On the other hand, it must feel great to be a Brewer batter--especially if you're not JJ Hardy--right now. Clutch hitting abounded, and best of all, LOTS of hitting--regardless of situation--abounded. But the Brewers staff needs to go back to the drawing board and remember to aim for the strike zone. I know, I know, easier said than done, but this is Mike Maddux's mantra, and they're just not making it happen. Carelessness with the strike zone lost us the game Tuesday, and Davis's apparent ignorance of the fact that there was a strike zone AT ALL nearly lost us the game today.

This team is supposed to have a way-overachieving pitching staff. Perhaps they are coming back to earth, and Clark, Lee and Jenkins are just there to soften the blow for a bit. But now, enough downers; to the win probability graph!

I haven't been playing with these numbers for too long, but I can assure you that Roberto Hernandez's contribution of -89% is pretty darn putrid. Lots of Brewers had to work together to give Roberto a number like that, and it shows in the offensive stats:

  • Clark, +21.8%
  • Weeks, +28.7%
  • Overbay, -5.8%
  • Lee, +10.6
  • Jenkins, +31.2%
  • Branyan, +12.4%
  • Hardy, -22.1%
  • Moeller, -19.1%
  • Davis, -5.7%
  • Magruder, +12.4%
  • Durrington, -2.7%
  • Helms, +1.0%
  • Miller, 33.7% (with one super-clutch swing!)

  • Davis, -32.5%
  • Helling, -13.6%
  • Lehr, -22.4%
  • Eveland, +6.3%
  • Santana, -5.9%
  • Turnbow, +3.9%

In short, a nice day to be facing the pitcher's mound; not a nice day to stand there. And as for me--I was in the Loge section (under the mezzanine overhang) right behind home plate--and I was mighty thankful for the shade.

Looking ahead, we need Sheets and Capuano to give us some innings. The pen is overworked, and what's more, they're collectively slumping. A couple of 7- or 8-inning outings from our two top pitchers would make all the difference. And I think the Phillies are primed and ready to have that done to them.

And since I mention the Phillies: any readers in Philly? I'm going to head down to the game on Sunday and check out Citizen's Bank Park for the first time. Let me know if you'll be there and we can try to meet up.

And one last thing. If you don't know who "Anna" is in the graph above, read up.