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Brady Appreciation / Open Thread: Game 110, Milwaukee at Philly

It's Ben Sheets (7-7, 3.26) vs. Cory Lidle (9-9, 4.79).

In other news, one of least heralded standouts of MLB this year, Brady Clark, snuck to the top of the hits column after last night's 4-for-5 (5 times on-base in six trips, including the hit-by-pitch). Right now it's Brady at 146, Miguel Cabrera at 145, and Derrek "If it's an offensive category, I'm up there somewhere" Lee at 143. Brady's fifth in the league in batting average at .324 (amazing what a 4-for-5 night does for you!), just behind Moises Alou at .328.

Brady also leads the league in times caught stealing, but...well...never mind about that.

.500, here we come! And please, let's achieve this by taking and holding the lead early. And let's do it in under four hours.