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Game 111 "let's make that .505" Open Thread: Brewers at Philly

The Brewers shoot for win #4 in a row behind Chris Capuano (12-6, 3.58), against Jon Lieber (9-10, 5.12). Chris's ERA on the road is a less hot 4.44, but he is 8-3 away from Miller Park. Jon Lieber at CBP is 6-4, 5.37. I say we can take 'em. It doesn't hurt that Ryan Howard is getting the day off in favor of Ramon Martinez at first.

Since I last posted, the Giants beat the Astros last night. Then the Giants beat the Astros again today. The Mets won, keeping them a notch above the Crew in the Wild Card chase, but that just knocks the Cubs a little further out of contention. Here's the Wild Card rankings as of 5:55 CST on Saturday:

  • Houston, --
  • Washington, 1.0 back
  • Florida, 2.0 back
  • Philadelphia, 2.5 back
  • NY Mets, 3.5 back
  • Milwaukee, 4.5 back
  • Chi Cubs, 5.5 back
I think it's reasonable to assume that anybody in the West (the D-backs are 7 games out) is simply not in the wild card race. They'll win the division before they win the wild card. Were the Brewers in the West, they'd be leading the division. For whatever that's worth. And while you're rooting for the Crew tonight, remember to get behind the Padres (playing the Nats) and the Reds (playing the Marlins). Every little bit counts.