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Game 113 Open Thread: Cardinals (70-41) at Brewers (56-56)

Matt Morris (12-4, 3.68), against Victor Santos (3-11, 4.02). It tells you just how great a first half Victor had that his ERA is still as low as it is. I'd be thrilled to see that first-half Victor back in action, maybe even giving us a win tonight going into a couple more games behind Ben Sheets and Doug Davis.

Hey--if David Eckstein can hit a game-winning grand slam, Victor Santos can beat the Cardinals.

Update [2005-8-8 16:49:8 by Jeff]: Apologies for the inconsistency of the servers today--it's been in and out all afternoon. Also, it seems for me that occasionally I load the page and the graphs don't show up. If that's the case, you can try back in a's been unpredictable for me.