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Brewers vs. Cubs: Bragging Rights

Here we go, for me this is our World Series. There is no team more fun to beat than the Cubs. The fans, and even the team, are so inappropriately arrogant at times that seeing those twisted pained expressions after yet another, and somehow inexplicable (they'll say) Cubs loss simply brings joy to my day.

It may not be so if they didn't invade Miller Park in such droves.

It may not be so if I didn't know lifelong Milwaukee residents who switched their allegiance from Braves to Cubs and never switched back to the home team.

And it may not be so if we had finished ahead of them in the standings more than once in the seven seasons the Brewers have been in the NL.

Ask Cub fans who their baseball rival is and they will tell you that it's the St. Louis Cardinals. That's over 200 combined years of baseball for those two franchises.  We don't expect to replace any rivalries, we just expect to make them irrelevant as teams stand up and take notice.

In all fairness, the Cubs are to baseball what they Packers are to football. The rich tradition, fan devotion and veritable mecca of a home field.

But all that just serves to make victory sweeter, oh so delicious. Beating the Cubs, even though they are not good this year is, in a way, beating 100 years of baseball lore, it's bringing down Goliath, and ultimately it's about establishing a new order in the NL Central. Twenty years from now I would love to be able to say, "hey, remember 2004, when the Cubs were actually better than the Brewers, man, times sure have changed." We're not armed with flowers, peace signs and long hair, but we are the next generation in baseball and beating the Chicago Cubs is our first fired shot in the revolution.

So let's all get out to the ballpark and show our support. It's going to be a great night for a ballgame.

Consider this the series thread.

Tue, 9/20    Cubs    6:35p    FSN    Davis (10-10)    Williams (5-8)   
Wed, 9/21    Cubs    6:35p    FSN    Ohka (11-8)      Prior (11-6)   
Thu, 9/22    Cubs    1:05p    FSN    Helling (2-0)    Maddux (12-13)

Let's Go Brewers! Beat Those Cubs!