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Scoreboard, Punk!

Alright, alright. Way to go Brewers, taking the series from the Cubs 2-1. And the series on the season comes to a close with the Brewers snagging the upper hand there, too, 9-7.

It's been a good week. I'm going to say Brady Clark is the series MVP with 6 hits and 4 runs in the two wins incuding a huge two run homerun. You see how important he is to the team, too. When he doesn't get on base the team doesn't score runs. Sure, Maddux only allowed 4 hits, but we didn't string any together.

You know, looking back since the Brewers joined the NL Central, the Cubs have only taken the series twice in those 8 seasons, in 2004 and 2003. So winning the season series versus the Cubs is nothing new for us really. It something Brewers fans, I think, have gotten to use to. It's nice to see this winning tradition versus the Cubs continue.

And don't get me started on dollars per win. Their payroll is more than twice ours. That's a lot of wasted Chicago money. They can keep changing personnel all they want but, and I'm in a position thanks to Doug Melvin and Mark Attanasio where I can say this, the problem with that franchise runs all the way to the top. They are corrupted at the core and shipping Sosa was just the first of many, many needed changes.

So yeah, win the series, win the season series, finish ahead of them in the standings and that's a trifecta. Next year I'll make sure to be at every home game versus the cubs wearing my "Milwaukee Brewers: Better Than The Chicago Cubs Since 2005" t-shirt with gloating, and glorious pride.

Ok, that's it on the Cubs. We are better than them now, and next year we will own them. See you next year Cubbies.