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Cardinals Series

Milwauke Brewers (75-77) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (96-58). Games 153, 154, & 155.

The St. Louis Cardinals come to town sporting the best record in baseball at 96-58. Tonight we face former Cy Young candidate Chris Carpenter. Former? Yeah, can you knock a pitcher out of contention with one good bruising? Hm. maybe not, but until Clemens got tagged by the Brewers a couple of weeks ago I think he was considered the front runner. Remember that? When the Crew "blew up" Clemens's Era from 1.30 to 1.67. It's at 1.89 right now, more than half a run better than Carpenter.

Anyway, it's a shame W-L record factors into the Cy Young, not that Clemens blows away Carpenter and Willis but he's had a better year than both of them and probably deserve the Cy Young (even if he is making 18 million dollars this year!!).

Yeah, so back to the Cardinals. The Brewers on the season are only 3-10 versus the best team in the big leagues. This series represents a challenge. Beating these guys is a requirement for making it to the next level. This is the measuring stick in baseball. We aren't there yet.

Psst. 0-6 versus Cardinals at home this year. Let's change that, eh?

Fri. 23     St. Louis     7:05 PM   Miller Park     Capuano (17-10)    Carpenter (21-4)
Sat. 24     St. Louis     6:05 PM   Miller Park     Glover (3-4)       Mulder (16-7)
Sun. 25     St. Louis     1:05 PM   Miller Park     Davis (11-10)      Suppan (15-10)

Consider this your series thread!

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The Brewers are even with the Cubs after they beat the Astros this afternoon.

Winning Season Watch
Games Remaining: 10
Wins Needed: 7

Go Brewers!
Go Astros!