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Reds Series

Milwaukee Brewers (77-78) vs. Cincinnati (72-83)
Games 156, 157, 158, & 159

Mon, 9/26  Reds 6:35p    Ohka (11-8)     Ortiz (9-11)
Tue, 9/27  Reds 6:35p    Helling (2-1)   Claussen (10-9)
Wed, 9/28  Reds 6:35p    Capuano (18-10) Harang (10-13)
Thu, 9/29  Reds 1:05p    Glover (4-4)    Milton (8-14)

The Brewers host the Reds for a four game series. Brewers lead the season series 7-5. The Reds are a  three true outcome team. They lead the NL in strikeouts and homeruns and are second in the NL in walks. And, by no coincidence, they lead the NL in runs.

Let's see if we can't take advantage of the strikeouts and avoid the others.

You know, if you took the Reds offense and the Brewers pitching staff you'd have a team that was 89-66 right now in the season.

'Better Than The Cubs Since 2005' Watch
The Brewers are one half game ahead of the Cubs. The cubs have the day off before Maddux goes for win 14 in Pittsburgh.

Winning Season Watch
Games Remaining: 7
Wins Needed: 5

Go Brewers!