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Game 136 Open Thread: San Diego (67-67) at Milwaukee (66-69), 6:05 p.m. CT

Great win last night, the offense clicked. Cirillo got his first at bat in months, Branyan played some left, Fielder played some first. And Cappy pitched a gem to his 15th win. The most wins since Cal Eldred in 1993, when the Brewers were in the AL.

Woody Williams (6-11, 5.01) vs. Wes Obermueller (1-2, 4.62)

Wes makes his return, and I am rooting hard for him today. Looking forward to seeing his much improved changeup.

'Better Than The Cubs Since 2005' Watch
Cubs beat the Pirates yesterday to stay 1.5 back.

Winning Season Watch
Games Remaining: 27
Wins Needed: 16

Go Brewers!
Go Pirates!