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Game 141 Open Thread: Houston (75-64) at Milwaukee (69-71), 7:05 PM CDT

Clemens (11-6, 1.57) vs. Davis (9-10, 4.06)

Houston's in the thick of it for the wildcard. We've got 6 games left against Houston and they are standing in our way of a winning season.

Let's take down the 'Stros!

'Better Than The Cubs Since 2005' Watch
The Cardinals' "eye of the tiger" failed them, the Cubs took two of three and the first of a four game set from the Giants, who I assume do not have the "eye of the tiger." Hm, hey Drew, do the Cubs now have the Cardinals' "eye of the tiger?" Did the Cubs take it away? Anyway, the Cubs recent succes in the face of "the eye" has drawn them even with the Brewers. Oh, it's on now.

Winning Season Watch
Games Remaining: 22
Wins Needed: 13

Go Brewers!
Go Giants!