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Bruce Sutter's a Hall of Famer

Here's the story:

[Sutter's] election brings to 261 the number of elected members of the Hall. Of that total, 196 are players, of which 103 have been through the BBWAA ballot. Sutter is the first pure reliever elected to the Hall. All 661 of his major-league appearances were in relief. Other relievers in the Hall are Hoyt Wilhelm, Rollie Fingers and Dennis Eckersley, but they also were starters during their careers.  

Another reliever, Goose Gossage, finished third in the balloting with 336 votes (64.6), one behind second-place finisher Jim Rice, the slugging outfielder who was named on 64.8 percent of the ballots. The only other players to be listed on more than half the ballots were outfielder Andre Dawson with 317 votes (61) and pitcher Bert Blyleven with 277 (58.3). Rounding out the top 10 were Lee Smith, Jack Morris, Tommy John, Steve Garvey and Alan Trammell.

I don't like it, but they didn't ask me.  Sutter was obviously an impressive player, but I don't think his case is nearly as strong as Gossage's.  The case has been made all over for Bert Blyleven, and I'm a believer, and I'm on the fence for Rice and Dawson.  Andre was my favorite player growing up, and at the time I always imagined him a lock HOFer, but as more and more players rack up impressive home run totals and the writers forget how much pain the Hawk played through, his eventual election looks less certain every year.  His .323 career OBP doesn't help much, either.

In Brewers news, Dave Parker remains on the ballot (he received 14% of the vote) and Doug Jones does not.