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Branyan and Bennett ...outta here

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Russell Branyan has cleared outright waivers, which means no team wanted him for $20,000.  That probably means that no team will pick him up for $1, which is what he's available for now.  

Given that no other teams seem to have much love for Russell the Muscle, it's possible he'll be back next year, though almost certainly headed for Nashville.

Also no longer a Brewer is reliever Jeff Bennett, the 2004 rule V pick whose injuries kept him from returning to the big club last year.  He would've been a good guy to have around as insurance, but there just isn't room for him in what is shaping up to be an excellent Milwaukee bullpen next year.  The Braves signed Bennett, and given the volatility of that bullpen going into spring training, Atlanta's a place where Jeff may well thrive.  Best of luck to him, except for when he's pitching against the Brewers or Brooks Kieschnick.