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Daily Reading

Not much news today, so I thought I'd compile a link list for those who are sick of BABIP stats.  (To those people, I apologize: the onslaught will continue later this week.)  I suggest taking a gander at the following:

  •'s look at the Brewers' catching situation, which probably will be much like the 2005 situation unless Moeller somehow puts it together and bats above the Mendoza line.

  • Brewers exchange arby figures with Clark and Ohka--I've said it before, I'll say it again: sign Ohka long-term!  Even two years would be nice; I'd really try for three.  As for Clark, he'll be a great deal for 2006, not so much after that, especially as he's headed into his age 32 season.  I just noticed his WARP (as per Baseball Prospectus) was 5.7 last year--that's well over $10m in market value.  Whatever he makes next year, he'll be worth it.

  • Here's the complete list of 2005 arby figures, which suggest that Kyle Lohse, Rodrigo Lopez, and Gil Meche all may make within $1m of what Ohka does next year.  To fans of the Twins, Orioles, and Mariners, I can only say, "neener neener neener."

  • Interesting article on pitch location from The Hardball Times...makes me want more, and makes me wish I had the jack to get the full stat package from Baseball Info Solutions or STATS, Inc. on my ads!  Or...uh...send me money!

  • And, for a laugh, check out two stops in my daily surfing, Overheard in New York and sister site Overheard in the Office.  I'd like to start a site in April called "Overheard at the Ballpark" to capture all the stupid things we hear folks say.  I think one night at Yankee Stadium could get the ball rolling, don't you?