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Big day for Brooks Kieschnick

I mentioned a couple weeks back that Kiesch will go to Spring Training with the Orioles, apparently as a pitcher.  As long-time readers know, I'm a big fan of our former two-way wonder, so it's excited to read that Brooks is getting a nice award from his hometown team:

The 33-year-old Kieschnick will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award on Thursday at the Corpus Christi Hooks South Texas Winter Baseball Banquet. He will join ex-King standout and former major-leaguer Burt Hooton, who was the honoree at last year's initial banquet.

In other news, I had planned on starting a series of articles using MLEs and Park Factors to show how various Brewers have developed over their careers.'s on hold for the moment until I figure out a workaround for a serious problem I ran into in crunching all the numbers.  So I apologize for the infrequent'll pick up soon.