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Once a contrarian, always a contrarian

I won't happen, and I'm not under any delusions that it will, but let me remind everyone that the Brewers ought to spend a couple million on Mike Piazza.  I made my case at length quite a while ago, but let me recap:

  • There are at least 60-70 starts at catcher just waiting to be claimed by a real major leaguer;
  • Prince Fielder could use a RH caddy (I know, Jeff Cirillo will probably be on the team, but I don't count him);
  • The Brewers will need a DH a half-dozen times this year;
  • Mike is still better than league average at the plate, which means he's WAY better than league average when catching;
  • and, yes, I know Mike is a bad defensive catcher, but so is Chad Moeller.

Piazza has reportedly offered his services to the Yankees for $2 million, so you can't say he'll be too expensive.  I made my case weeks ago thinking it would cost $5m to get him.  Even if you count the sunk cost of Chad Moeller, you'd still be under $3m for your part-time catcher.

Imagine it: with Gabe Gross as fourth outfielder, Billy Hall as backup infielder, Piazza as backup catcher, and Corey Hart as backup whatever else, the Brewers would very possibly have the greatest offensive depth of any team in baseball.  That's not fanboy-Jeff talking; I challenge you to name a team with more offensive depth than that.  

(Okay, the Athletics.  Fine, you win.  But we'd be awful close.)

It would be too funny to see Mike Piazza sporting a ball-and-glove logo on Sundays, but hey--let's make it happen!