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We can't get no respect

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USA Today has just published a kind of power-ranking for MLB starting pitchers. Unsurprisingly, Dontrelle, Roger, Johan, and Pedro top the list (as they should), and it takes a while to get to a Brewers pitcher. After all, Doug Davis and Chris Capuano don't overpower anybody, and Ben Sheets was hurt for too much of last season to merit consideration.

But look how far you have to go: #42 and #43, for Davis and Capuano. If those two guys pitched for the Yankees, or even a lesser-market team like the Giants or Braves, they'd have each won six more games (well, maybe not Cappy) and they'd be in the top 25 of this list. By no stretch of anyone's imagination should Josh Towers (33), Brett Myers (34), Jon Lieber (35), or Jake Westbrook (37) rank above Davis, and they probably don't deserve slotting about Capuano, either. You could even make a case that either of those guys pitched better than Mark Mulder (30) did last year.

I'm nitpicking, but when the Brewers start contending this year, the guys that are going to get the most-deserved recognition will be mid-rotation starters like Davis, Capuano, and Tomo Ohka, who make this one of the best, deepest starting staffs in baseball.