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Open Thread: Third Base!

I'm going to be gone all day, seeing a couple of musicals with my sister, who's in town for the weekend.  

While I'm gone, ponder this: who'll play third base, and for many games?  If everybody stays healthy, and by some strange happenstance everybody makes the 25-man, I see it breaking down something like this:

  • Corey Koskie: 110 starts at 3B, 10 starts 1B/DH, 480 ABs.  
  • Billy Hall: 30 starts at 3B, 30 starts at SS, 20 starts at 2B, 380 ABs.
  • Russell Branyan: 20 starts at 3B, 25 starts at 1B/DH/OF, 240 ABs.
  • Jeff Cirillo: 12 starts at 3B, 8 starts at 1B/DH, lots of pinch-hitting, 150 ABs.

Going through that, I don't see it happening.  That's too much talent--three should-be starters or platoon partners--and somebody's going to be traded or somebody's going to get hurt.  But in the meantime, let's squabble over playing time!