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More on Koskie

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I finally understand how other team bloggers keep busy--when stuff is happening in the offseason, everybody writes about it!  Until the Overbay deal, the Brewers hadn't really fallen into the "doing stuff" category.  Here's some opinions, reports, and discussions about the Koskie acquisition:

Knowing what I know about Doug Melvin and his stated plans for the team, Branyan, if anyone, is most likely to be dealt.  But as I've said before, if it were me running the team, I'd do everything I could to generate a market for Hall.  Unless an injury opens up a spot on the infield for multiple months, Billy's going to be somewhat wasted in this, what could've been his breakout season.  I'd be thrilled to have him as my utility man, and that's probably what he'll be again this year, but it doesn't seem quite fair to him, and given the numbers he put up last year, there must be a team ("Theo--oops, I mean Jed and Ben--on line 1?") who would make that a worthwhile trade.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  I'll resume the MLE postings tomorrow night or Monday morning.  roguejim's comments notwithstanding, I'm going to another musical tomorrow afternoon :).