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Hawaii Winter Baseball

There's a new fall league in town, and while it isn't quite as prospect-studded as the Arizona Fall League (which John wrote about yesterday), it's worth watching: Hawaii Winter Baseball.

The Brewers sent a few players to Hawaii (that sounds like a nice fall assignment, eh?), all of whom are playing for the North Shore Honu, one of the four teams in the league.  Since HWB is a rung lower than the AFL, these guys are lower-level minor leaguers, but still guys who the organization is high on:

One cool thing about this league is that many Japanese teams send players as well.  Ichiro Suzuki played in the HWL, and the four Brewers are playing alongside a handful of Chiba Lotte Marines, Seibu Lions, and Chunichi Dragons.

You may not be as interested in the day-by-day doings of Cain or Hinton as you are in Ryan Braun and Steve Bray, but I am tracking Hawaiian League stats on follow this link to the Honu roster, or click on the player names above to go straight to each guy's splits page.