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Somebody else wants Dan Kolb?

I'm not sure I believe it, but here it is:

With Nate Field out as a potential eighth-inning setup man, the Rockies stepped toward Dan Kolb on Thursday, expressing interest in the free-agent right-hander.

The pursuit of Kolb borrows from the blueprint that led the Rockies to Jose Mesa last winter. Kolb, like Mesa, is a former all-star closer with a heavy sinker who is looking for extra work. Believing he is more effective with more appearances, Kolb placed the Rockies high on his wish list.

"He would like to get in 70 or more games," agent Damon Lapa said. "Humidor or no humidor, a lot of guys might not want to pitch there. He feels he'd be a good fit."

I'd just like to say that I wish the Rockies the very best in their pursuit of this high-quality free agent.