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Some of you may know that next year, the International League is having a big change of scenery: the Ottawa franchise (formerly affiliated with the Orioles) is moving to Allentown, in PA's Lehigh Valley.  

Through a fan contest and internet voting, they've just named the team:

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

That will be the name of the Lehigh Valley's Triple-A minor league baseball club when it begins playing in 2008 in the stadium under construction in east Allentown -- the first affiliated team to play in the Lehigh Valley in 46 years.

For some reason, minor league teams really like the names with two words jammed together with a capital letter in the middle, like IronBirds, GreenJackets, and RiverDogs.  

Something Else:  This is not baseball related at all, but I laughed out loud.  Every Topic In the Universe Except Chickens.  Check it out.