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Shameless self-promotion

If anybody noticed that the blog was slow for a couple of weeks during the postseason...well, I have an excuse.  As you all probably know, I'm writing weekly articles for The Hardball Times, and I had the opportunity to pitch in on their fantastic annual.

The editor of the THT Annual, Dave Studeman, just posted a preview of that book--and let me tell you, it looks great.  (I've seen the whole thing in PDF format.)  THT has some of the best stats on the web, and there are some stats in the book that aren't even on the website.  The book will be shipping by the end of the month, so get your pre-order in soon!

By the way, my contributions to that book were two articles: a recap of the World Baseball Classic, and a postseason review.  Both topics clearly within the realm of expertise of a Brewers blogger :).

I contributed to another offseason annual, as well: John Burnson's Graphical Player 2007.  It's a tough book to describe, since it's so different from the other annuals--every player has a 1/4 page of graphs showing various aspects of their career, their progression through 2006, and roughly 2.7 million other things.  You may be familiar with Burnson because of his fantasy magazine Heater (which--I know I'm sounding like a broken record--I also contribute to).

For that book, I wrote player comments on 152 hitters, including fan favorite Laynce Nix!  (Generally, if I can't say anything nice, I don't say anything at all, but I was contractually obligated to comment on Nix, so I had a moral dilemma.)  I also contributed minor league graphs that are designed to visually represent the depth and strength of systems.  I also came up with a ranking system for organizations--the Brewers are 5th in the majors, largely on the strength of pitching. one, buy them both, buy copies for friends!  I don't say that because I get any money from sales (I don't, anyway), but because both are excellent books.