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Koskie's alive!

This is great news:

Ex-Twins third baseman Corey Koskie, 33, of the Brewers, after having post-concussion syndrome that caused nausea since an injury in a game July 5, said Monday he is symptom-free and beginning physical workouts.

"There was pressure in my head, and when I would lie down, I felt like I was rocking in a boat," Koskie said.

First of all, it's just nice to know that a freak injury isn't going to ruin Koskie's entire career.  

I don't know exactly how Koskie will fit into this year's plans--in a best-case scenario for me, '07 will start the same way '06 did, with a Koskie-Hall platoon at third base (with Hall playing at other positions all the other days)--but obviously having an option like Corey is much better than not having him as an option.