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More Matsuzaka, All the Time

Ok, I admit, there have been too many posts about Matsuzaka for a Brewers blog.  But hey, it's my 25 seconds of fame.

Here's an article I wrote for today's Hardball Times on Matsuzaka:

In other words, the Red Sox made what will be, hands down, the biggest gamble of the offseason. Any big-dollar multiyear deal is a gamble, certainly, but those types of risks have become mundane; big-market teams know by now that for every four or five players they sign to a 3-plus year contract, one or two of them will be dead weight by the final season. On the high end, Matsuzaka is someone a team just can't buy, with prospects or lucre. (That is, until Johan Santana hits the market after the 2008 season.) On the low end, he could blow his arm out with a pre-existing, uninsurable injury, or he could turn out to be mediocre.

Also, I appeared as a sound bite on NPR's morning edition this morning with Tom Goldman--you can listen to the Matsuzaka segment of the show by clicking here.