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Sunday notes from the Journal-Sentinel

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This is the first Brewers news story in the paper in some time, so let's get to work:

  • To replace Robin Yount, Dale Sveum is our new bench coach.  That creates an opening at third base, but I'll bet Sveum is better-suited to bench coaching anyway.  You can't get a guy nailed at the plate from the bench...I don't think.

  • Third base possibilities?  Frank Kremblas and Don Money.  My gut?  Money.

  • First base possibilities?  Gary Pettis and Ed Sedar (another minor league manager in the system), though Pettis being considered for a job in Texas.  (Why don't we just merge the Rangers and the Brewers and be done with it!)

  • "Nothing came of" the Kevin Mench for Rodrigo Lopez talks.  I wonder if the Orioles would take Mench for a bright, shiny penny.

  • Doug is talking to Tony Graffanino's agent, but there's (according to Tony G's agent) one offer on the table for Tony to be a starter, so my guess is we won't be getting him back.  Where could Tony be going?  My guess is Toronto, who just blew their wad on Frank Thomas, and now need one (cheap) middle infielder.

  • Melvin seems confident that Jeff Cirillo will be back.  That surprises me just a bit; given the deal that Wes Helms just got, you'd think there would be more interest in a guy who hits just as well, but has more versatility in the field.  I mean, dude, Cirillo played shortstop!  There's got to be an $18M, 3 year contract out there for him.
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