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Chris Capuano Is Jealous

Apparently, Cappy isn't getting complacent after adding a cutter last year; now, he wants a gyroball:

Milwaukee Brewers southpaw hurler Chris Capuano said he wants Wakui to teach him how to throw the "gyro."

Capuano described it as starting out like a slider and, when a right-handed batter picks up the spin, moves his body toward the plate in anticipation of the break to the outside, and begins his swing, the ball supposedly reverses course and cuts down and in.

"Wakui made Andruw look silly," said Capuano, who sought to meet and talk with Wakui prior to the tour finale at Yahoo JAPAN Dome, but the Japanese star had already finished his pitching for the series and was not in Fukuoka.

That doesn't sound exactly like the gyroball I've heard described, breaking in against righties rather than away, but whatever it was, Capuano sounds pretty impressed.