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Brewers Hire a Bunch of Guys Nobody's Heard Of

Milwaukee's new third-base coach is Nick Leyva, and the new first-base coach is Ed Sedar.  Here's the announcement.  Leyva you might know something about: he spent a  couple of uninspiring years "leading" the Phillies.  Here's the story on Sedar:

Sedar has been the Brewers' Minor League field coordinator since 2002 and has also managed eight seasons in the team's system, the last two at Rookie-level Helena. He has previously served as the Brewers' roving Minor League outfield and baserunning instructor, areas in which Yost wants to see improvement in 2007.

I'm surprised Gary Pettis wasn't offered one of these jobs; I guess it's possible that he was, but he turned them down so that he could take a job from the Rangers.