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Carlos Lee to the Astros

It's not confirmed yet, but it looks like Carlos Lee is about to become a Houston Astro...from 2007 until 2012.  I have no idea what $14 or $15M a year will look like in six years, but I'm guessing it won't be good for a guy who should be DHing.

Back in July, I had no idea how high this market would go for some players, and when Caballo rejected Doug Melvin's final offer, I had this to say:

I'm a bit disappointed (though not surprised) that Melvin went this high.  $12m per year, especially with Ben Sheets already signed for $11m in '07 and '08, would've been a huge mistake for this team, especially when solid young options are available.

Most of that is still true, although signing Carlos Lee to a $48M/4y contract would've--and this is just bizarre--made him tradable.    If the Astros resign Aubrey Huff--or even if they don't, and Morgan Ensberg bounces back from a rough season--they could have a formidable offense, even with Adam Everett and Brad Ausmus playing every day.