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Doug Melvin has been saved from himself

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Signing Dave Roberts wouldn't have been nearly so bad as winning the Juan Pierre sweepstakes, or keeping Carlos Lee around for the rest of his productive career, but I'm darn glad that it looks like it isn't happening:

Reports Friday out of San Francisco indicated that Roberts was prepared to sign a three-year contract with the Giants. He supposedly had narrowed his choices to Milwaukee and San Francisco.

...The deciding factors were believed to be Roberts' desire to remain on the West Coast and play for manager Bruce Bochy. He played the last two seasons in San Diego for Bochy, who left in late October to fill the Giants' managerial vacancy.

"I heard that geography might play a factor in his decision," said Melvin, who confirmed that he had made a three-year offer to Roberts. "And I guess he has a pretty good relationship with Bochy."

You know, it'd be a lot of money, but it wouldn't be crazy to get into the bidding for J.D. Drew.  The Brewers don't need anything--we've got six credible starters, a bullpen full of options, and a couple of outfielders who could theoretically be traded to fill any gaps that arise--say, Kevin Mench for Rodrigo Lopez deal (I know, that's off the table, but that kind of thing) or a Geoff Jenkins for Armando Benitez salary-dump swap.

In a market like this, the worst thing to do is pay big-time cash to fill holes--that's what the Angels did with Gary Matthews Jr., and they'll regret it when they realize they didn't get a difference-maker, they just got a decent-fielding #7 hitter.  That's why it's fortunate that we don't have any gaps to fill (even if Doug seems to think we do).  We can throw the entire wad at one guy--and if we're going to do that, why not throw it at somebody who is a legitimate difference-maker, and might continue to be well into the third or fourth year of a deal?

I don't seriously think that's going to happen.  But what would you rather have?  Drew, or a package of Kenny Lofton, a mediocre veteran reliever, and a mediocre veteran starter?  I know what I'd pick.