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Oh. No.

Craig Counsell returns?

This is bad for many reasons.

  1. It makes it all the more likely Bill Hall will never play the infield again.

  2. By giving Ned a utility infielder he likes, we run the risk of having said utility infielder start a lot of games every time Ned can come up with an excuse to sit Rickie or JJ.

  3. It means we're spending well more than the league minimum on said backup, when there must be a good-field, no-hit middle infielder out there somewhere for the minimum.

On a scale of 1-10, here's how my opinion of Doug Melvin has wavered since the end of the season:

  • End of season: 6
  • "I think Bill Hall would be a good fit in left": 3
  • "We have a offer on the table to Dave Roberts": 2
  • Estrada trade: 4
  • Realization that we got rid of Dave Krynzel in the Estrada trade: 5
  • Now: 3.5

Doug, do something smart!  Please!

Update [2006-11-28 16:58:32 by Jeff]: Oddly enough, here's a report from just a few minutes ago that the Padres are about to sign Counsell. Eh, Counsell...Graffanino...same guy, more or less. More Zito rumors!

In case anyone has forgotten the joy of having the boy from Whitefish Bay in the lineup: