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2007 Projections

Dan Szymborski of Baseball Think Factory has posted his 2007 ZiPS projections for the Brewers.

Brady Clark owns the highest projected OBP with .364--not really what you want to see, considering Clark's going to be relegated to the bench. Prince Fielder is the only player projected to slug over .500 (.513); Bill Hall is at .496, though there's obviously reason to be bullish on that, as well as on his projected .334 OBP. In fact, Dan has Hall as not only worse than he was last year, but worse than he was in 2005. All in all, the offensive projections are pretty dismal.

The pitching outlook, however, is a bit rosier. Ben Sheets, Dave Bush, and Chris Capuano look to make up a very nice 1-3, with Bush actually projected to be a hair better than Cappy, which is attributable in part to ZiPS' lack of confidence in the strides Capuano took last year in reducing his walks. Look at Sheets' pessimistic projection--holy crap.

Off the top of my head, Fielder seems about right, Hall significantly low, Weeks too low in BA/OBP, Hart just about right, Hardy too low (he's not that bad) and the rest too tough to call for various reasons.

What do you guys think?