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It's Official

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The Waggle is back.

It's $6M for two years plus the option year buyout, which probably means he's making between two and two and a half million each year. Terms for the option year weren't released.

Okay, this is obviously stupid. There have to be lots of guys in AAA who can hit .250 with patience and slug .350. And none of them cost millions. That said, unless the difference in salary is enough to hamstring the Brewers from making future moves, it's not really that big of a deal, as long as Counsell remains a reserve; however, as Jeff alluded to, there's always the danger of Yost getting a little too friendly with Counsell and handing him 2-3 starts per week--you know, to "give the young kids a break." If that happens, time to riot.

Bonus trivia question: which three international superstars went to Whitefish Bay High School?

Answer: Craig Counsell, Kristen Johnston, and yours truly.

Update [2006-11-29 20:14:15 by battlekow]: He's making $2.8M each of the next two years, with $400K buyout of his never-gonna-happen $3.4M option for '09.