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A Palate Cleanser

Here's some unqualified good news, for a change: Will Inman was named Class A Starting Pitcher of the Year.

As soon as Yovani Gallardo gets called up, Inman's going to be The Guy, so get to know him a bit:

The 6-foot, 200-pound Inman throws a four-seam fastball, a slurve that he can either toss as a curve or tighten into a slider and a change-up. It's confidence in that repertoire that fuels him on the mound, as well as his unwillingness to give in to any batter.


"I finally conquered a change-up midway through the season and it's proved to be a big weapon for me," Inman said. "The first half, I might have thrown a change-up once or twice in a game just to get it over. But later on in the season, after I got hurt, working on the change-up was one of the key things and getting it over for strikes at a 10-12 mph difference than the fastball with the same arm speed."

Inman's numbers on the year: 111 IP, 75 H, 24 BB, 134 K.  Oh yeah.