Our pitching staff? Not so bad.

Sure, if you look at our pitching, you see a guy who is hurt all the time (Sheets) and two guys with career ERAs on the wrong side of 4 (but the right side of 4.5) in Capuano and Bush.  Our #4 guy is Claudio Vargas is someone we hope to keep an ERA under 5, and #5 will be one of our promising youngsters (like Villanueva or Action Jackson).

Does it strike fear in the opposing team's heart?  Perhaps not.  Then again, compare it to this:

Eaton solidifies a promising rotation that includes Brett Myers (12-7, 3.91 ERA), Cole Hamels (9-8, 4.08), Jon Lieber (9-11, 4.93) and Jamie Moyer (11-14, 4.30 with the Phillies and Seattle).

This is the same Eaton who had a 5+ ERA last season, when he wasn't hurt, that is.  True, Hamels is supposed to be the stud that everyone thinks Yanni Gallardo is (sssh...he hates being called Yanni), so his numbers will improve.  But this is probably the best we've seen from Myers, and I don't see any improvement coming from the trio of Lieber, Moyer, and Eaton.

And this rotation is promising?  It's expensive, is what it is.  Plus, if you just look at ERA, it really isn't that different from our own.  In a 5-game series where you just looked at pitching know, I kinda like our chances.

And really, all we need is for Sheets to stay healthy and Vargas to not totally suck as a back-of-the-rotation guy.  And considering Eaton by himself is costing the Phillies $8 million a season, our staff looks even better.  If we sustain the injuries like we did last year, well, we probably don't have the depth yet to cover ourselves --- though not many teams do, I suppose.    Still, our staff with a full season of Sheets looks pretty darn good.

I wouldn't mind some improvement over Vargas, maybe, but I'm wondering if getting the offense straightened out isn't the bigger concern for these winter meetings.