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Whither Jeff Sackmann?

I'm not sure where the Boss is, but I figured he'd want you to read his column from yesterday at the Hardball Times, seeing as it involves a subject rather near and dear to most of your hearts: one William Hall, Left Fielder.

Jeff breaks down, with excruciating exactness, the sundry quandaries the Brewers have put themselves in with regard to Bill Hall, and reaches a frightening conclusion: sex to save the friendship. Or something like that.

Seriously though, if the Brewers continue to insist on cutting off his balls, they might as well trade Hall for some shiny pitching prospects. But man, that's some strong medicine. You gotta support the team, but Hall is such a likeable, pink bat-using, walk-off home run-hitting, generally awesome guy that I can't imagine quitting him; plus, he could get even better. Tough call.

Update [2006-11-30 10:6:3 by Jeff]: Wow...I was just headed over to post a link to that very article. But wait, there's more: today and tomorrow, I have articles running at Rich Lederer's site, The Baseball Analysts. Today, it's The Best Minor League Defenders (of 2006). Tony Gwynn and Drew Anderson make appearances near the top of their respective leaderboards. Unfortunately, a couple of notable Brewers will make appearances in tomorrow's article--The Worst--as well.